Our Story

In this day and age, the vast amount of skincare products on the market contain highly toxic chemicals that are used for preserving, emulsifying, and affecting a product’s absorption rate into the skin.  Other skincare products contain harsh chemicals used to help remove dead skin cells.  Today, many skincare companies focus on the chemistry to change nature.  betsy raquel simply focuses on the chemistry established by nature.

In the skincare industry, some of nature’s ingredients function as exfoliants, emollients, astringents, toners and humectants.  Our goals were to find specific ingredients that could not only perform these functions, but could also blend well together, be of the highest quality and organic, and have a long shelf-life without the use of synthetic preservatives or highly toxic chemicals.

After years of searching, research and testing, betsy raquel achieved its goals with the formulation of the i7 collection. 

The i7 collection is a 2-step moisturizing system comprised of a facial toner mist and a youth serum.  Each of our handcrafted products is uniquely formulated one bottle at a time containing only seven ingredients.  All ingredients in the i7 collection are Kosher Certified, Non-GMO, Wildcrafted, and/or Organic Certified by the USDA.