Gloria Campos, retired Dallas/Fort Worth Weeknight News Anchor

I've been using the Betsy Raquel line - youth serum, toner & scrub - for about six weeks.  As a former longtime TV News Anchor (40 years), good skin care has been a part of my regime for decades.  But now at age 62, I've noticed my skin has become extremely dry.  I hear gal pals my age say the same thing about their skin.  Using Betsy Raquel has helped my skin obtain a lovely balance not too dry not too oily.  Although the Betsy Raquel line is all natural, I must admit I still use Retina-A products every once in awhile & the Betsy Raquel line is soothing & a wonderful remedy to treat the resulting dryness.  Facial experts (dermatologists & anesthetists) always tell me to be careful how I treat my skin because it's very sensitive. I've enjoyed the Betsy Raquel line with absolutely no adverse reactions.  I can't recommend it more highly.  I know that once they try it, many other women will say the same thing.  Thank you! - Gloria Campos



Mrs. Corona Del Mar Ambassador 2014

I have worked in wellness for many years.  With being an athlete and professional model, I have always researched and only use natural products...Keeping it simple with quality, and getting results.  At age 62, now I love the Betsy Raquel skincare line and highly recommend! - Tina Richards


Singer, Actress, Published Author & Model | Miami, Florida

I'm absolutely addicted to the new skincare line called, betsy raquel | i7 collection.  All you need is 3 products!  The ‘facial sugar-salt scrub’ (Non-GMO, Organic, Kosher, and Vegan) leaves your skin feeling like velvet while it also gets rid of dead skin cells.  Then you have a 'youth serum' that smells heavenly you apply sparingly to your face, followed by a ‘facial toner’ mist that has a nice rose scent.  All 3 products combined leave your skin feeling balanced and looking beautiful!  These products contain no toxic chemicals and are hand-crafted in small batches.  After using these products a few weeks, my face is flawless, glowing, soft and moisturized!!!  I’ve tried every product out there for skin.  I give the betsy raquel | i7 collection 5 Stars!  - Tiffany Kathryn Hayden



Founder/CEO | Edge Music Network Inc.

I always hesitate to try other skin care products in the market besides my ‘go to’.  However, I took a leap of faith and tried the i7.  The sugar scrub left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed!  The toner did its job of tightening, and the youth serum seems to be doing the trick!  I’m giving it a go and it looks like this will be a long mutually beneficial product relationship. :) Thank you, Juan & Betsy! - Elizabeth Vargas



Owner at Whole Health Chiropractic & Spa | Diplomate in Anti-Aging Medicine, Garland, Texas

I love using the i7 collection because I know these oils heal on a cellular level while also giving me a boost on an emotional level.  I’ve been getting a lot of compliments about my skin, especially on how small my pores are looking.  I also love how soft my skin feels after using the scrub.  The youth serum does a great job moisturizing as it also adds a little color to my skin, enough to where I don’t even wear makeup.  I just add a little eye shadow, lip gloss and off I go! - T. Jones, D.C.


Richardson, Texas

I’ve been using the i7 collection for about two months now and am very pleased with the results. Having very fair and sensitive skin, this product causes me no irritation. Love the toner mist and its rose scent, too! I enjoy using it throughout the day as it keeps my skin hydrated and looking fresh. - B. Hood



Rockwall, Texas

Just wanted to let you know I’ve tried a million skincare products and nothing has ever worked like the i7 collection. I am in love with it! The scrub, serum, and toner have been amazing for me! - R. Brannon.



Garland, Texas

I love love love the betsy raquel sugar-salt scrub! I’ve been using it twice a day for the past two years. Even though I have rosacea, I’ve never experienced a burn or a sting! This scrub truly leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. The i7 collection was my first experience using “all-natural” products, now I’m a huge fan! I have tried other beauty products that cost a lot more money and couldn’t measure up. The i7 is a bargain, especially since a little goes a long way! - J. Miley, Ed. D.



Rockwall, Texas

Before I was introduced to the betsy raquel i7 collection, I tested many serums that were supposedly best for my skin.  None of them seemed to work as described.  The i7 youth serum is different!  It penetrates my skin and doesn’t just sit on top like normal moisturizers do.  I’ve noticed my skin feeling so much softer, smoother, hydrated, and my fine lines are even diminishing!  Would definitely recommend trying the betsy raquel youth serum with the toner mist! - E. Rodriguez


Rockwall, Texas

I’ve been using betsy raquel’s sugar-salt scrub for a few months now.  Initially, when I purchased this scrub, I intended to use only on my face.  After my very first application, I felt and saw my skin texture improve.  This is truly an amazing scrub which I now enjoy using all over my body! - W. Coles