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Miron Violet Glass

MIRON VIOLET GLASS Much more than just a colored glass, betsy raquel | i7 collection celebrates the Swiss science of the Miron Violet Glass.  Sunlight enables plants to grow.  However, the effect of the sun’s light changes after harvesting, accelerating the molecular decaying process.   Recent research by Prof. F.A. Popp and Dr. H. Niggli, 1997/1998 proves solar energy in our food is essential for our health.  Solar energy enters our cells in the form of Bio-photons, the smallest physical unit of light.  Bio-photons provide important information for the complex life process in our bodies.  The Bio-Photons have a strong regulating and balancing energy and put the organism into a higher vibration or order.  These Bio-Photons are extremely sensitive.  Dr....

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